Interior Mould Removal

Vehicle interior mould removal

Mould can ruin your car's interior if left and can suddenly appear under the right conditions. It is also entirely unsafe for human transportation, especially for children!

Here at JG Valeting, we provide a deep clean mould removal service helping to keep your car safe to travel in throughout the year.

This is one of the processes we follow to remove mould within the interior or your vehicle:

  • Wash the entire interior of the vehicle with G101. This is an APC (All purpose cleaner) and will not kill the mould on contact.
  • We use a mixture of steam loaded with an enzyme cleaner to kill the mould on direct contact.
  • We use a safe mould remover on the rest of the interior, including the plastics, dashboard, middle compartments and seat belts.
  • Steam clean the headliner, door shuts, air vents and seat belts to remove any spores which may be lurking within.
  • An anti-fungal fog bomb once interior work has been completed. This will get into the air vents and A/C to remove spores.
  • The exterior of the vehicle is also valeted to a maintenance valet standard.

If you would like a quote to carry out the works or just simply to talk about some of your options available, get in contact with JG Valeting & Detailing. and please don't delay in getting in contact.

Please note:
This mould removal service is a specialist cleaning service which we provide. Please note that in cases of extreme mould, we may NOT be able to remove all of the spores. In such cases, seats may need replacing or the dashboard may require disassembling to fully clean. However, most of the time, our service is fully effective.

Typical Causes Of Mould In Your Vehicle

If you find mould inside your car, it may indicate that you have a problem with one of the below.

Spilled drinks

We've all had a cup of tea/coffee or the kids drinking cold drinks or juices inside of the car, but small accidental spills do happen.
After a spill, if the affected area is not cleaned correctly afterwards, later, when the environment is perfect, it may result in a colony of mould.


Rain is either friend or foe if you accidentally leave a window slightly open, then you may be in for a nasty shock..! If the water enters the car and isn't drained away or dried, this will create the perfect environment as a mould breeding ground.

Bad ventilation

Good ventilation is necessary to help circulate moisture inside your car. If the ventilation is compromised with broken seals, doors/boot not shut correctly, and blocked air vents, this may create a perfect humid environment where mould can appear very quickly.

Foreign contamination

Infected objects such as pets after a walk in the park, plants, furniture, carrying shopping bags from the supermarket left on the back seats, and many other things can spread tiny spores inside your car, again with the right environmental conditions, mould spores can suddenly appear.

Human touch

Most of us have eaten inside of the car, carried a takeaway, dropped food or left organic waste inside of the car. We all carry bacteria on our bodies, good and bad ones, every time we enter the car, we touch the surfaces, steering wheel, controls and seatbelts. These areas can become a breeding ground for spores. (Please also remember to wash/sanitise every time after using the toilet).

Car parked position

If possible, park the car away from damp, shaded areas with as much sunlight as possible. Parking in the sun is the most efficient way of keeping the mould in check; it will not kill the spores but will slow the growth process. We suggest having a professional valet remove the spores fully and clean them, then keeping the vehicle warm with the heaters to remove the moisture inside and use the car as much as possible. Parking the car up and not using it for a period of time, you maybe in for a nasty surprise on your return.

Health issues with mould inside your car

Now mould has been found inside of the car, you may be thinking, can it make me unwell?
Once the spores start to appear and you carry on using the car without removing the mould, you may start to feel a little different; this could be the weather, or just run down and tired, or you could be feeling sick from the interior mould.
Mould inside cars can be serious not only for you, the driver but your passengers as well, If the mould from the car gets onto the passenger's skin or lungs, they can possibly become unwell, and toxic mould can cause allergic reactions, rashes and even infections.

Mould symptoms from inside of your car

- Sneezing
- Runny nose
- Congestion
- Coughing
- Fever
- Sore throat
- Rashes
- Headache
- Sore eyes, nose, throat
- Skin irritation
- Cause an asthma attack

In serious cases of being exposed to mould inside of the car, it can cause heart problems. If the symptoms frequently persist, like congestion, headaches and difficulty in breathing, we suggest you seek medical attention and discuss your concerns.

Summary of mould inside of your car

If you find mould inside of your car have it removed straight away to avoid health risks such as flu, asthma attack or something worse.

So when you find mould inside of your car and continue driving thinking you will be okay..... Read this post once again...!

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