Interior Odours

If your vehicle has a bad odour, you've come to the right company

Cigarette smoke, pets, fast food, fire, sour milk and body fluids, mould and damp, and rodent odours are some of the most potent and hazardous substances that could be left inside of your car, causing an unpleasant odour. Not only can they smell terrible, they can also contain dangerous viruses/bacteria substances for anyone entering the vehicle.

Not only that, these can be some of the hardest deep odours to remove since the source can be invisible to the naked eye. We are professional in removing deep odour smells and removing substances that can be left behind.

Let us keep your car smelling fresh and safe for you and your passengers. We have 3-4 steps which are almost guaranteed to remove the lingering odour from your car by removing it at the source rather than simply masking out the fragrance of a strong air freshener.

Stage 1.
We have to find the contamination in order to accurately remove the entire surface area which is causing the odour. Without following this process, we would never be able to fully remove the odour.

Stage 2.
Once we have established what is causing the odour, we then begin to clean the affected areas. We use specialised cleaning products to break down and fully remove the contamination inside the car.

Stage 3.
We may need to wet & vac the interior carpets and seats.
Some deep stains may be impossible to remove, especially if they come from general wear and tear or if the stain has already permanently damaged the interior leather/fabric.

Stage 4. (If required, this service is an additional £70.00)
Now that we have entirely removed the contamination from your vehicle, we can get to permanently removing any odours left behind. This final treatment kills odour-causing bacteria and neutralises all organic and chemical odours caused by cigarettes, pets, urine, vomit, food, mould, mildew, petrol, fish, fire, sweat, sour milk and many more stubborn smells.
Please note we require 8 hours to complete this final treatment, and the vehicle must remain locked at all times. We usually carry out this treatment overnight whilst the vehicle is parked on your driveway/road.

Once completed, no more horrendous car odour! This treatment eliminates vehicle odours overnight. It is suitable for both fabric and leather vehicle interiors. If you would like to discuss the removal of an odour or just simply to talk about your available options, please get in contact with JG Valeting & Detailing.

Interior Valet from £90.00*
Odour Eliminator from £70.00

*Actual valeting cost depends on the type of contamination /spill inside of the vehicle and work required, subject to inspection once we arrive on-site with the customer

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