Deep Wheel Clean

Deep Wheel Cleaning

During a valet, most companies will only clean the wheel face and tyres as these are the parts you can really see once it has been completed.

JG Valeting and Detailing always recommend regular maintenance of the wheel hub for the preservation of the overall appearance. With everyday general use, they will get a build-up of brake dust, road grime, and industrial and environmental fallout. This could bond to the wheels and, if left in situ, may discolour them and begin to degrade the protective lacquer, which can lead to unsightly peeling and potentially expensive repairs.

Some companies may rely on strong chemicals to provide the cleaning power for ease and speed, which can also leave you with damaged wheels.

All of our products are safe, and pH neutral with no acid that will scratch and dull a polished “chrome look” or anodised surfaces.

  • Free from acid.
  • pH neutral
  • Safe for all surfaces, including polished alloys, aluminium and anodised finishes.
  • Powerful cleaning action with a high gloss finish.
  • Highly effective on industrial fallout and rust.
  • Ideal for delicate paintwork, prestige cars and custom wheels.

This deep wheel clean can be added to any of our valets for an additional fee.
Please enquire at the time of booking or when we arrive on site.

Deep Wheel Clean from £30.00

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I called David last week to valet our car before selling it. Knowing we were in a bit of a rush, Dave visited one evening...
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3 weeks ago
Highly recommended. David done an amazing job. My car had been parked under a tree and left uncleaned for some time. I was concerned that...
Francesca Hadcock
2 months ago
I could not recommend David more highly. Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish and my car looks like new. Despite bad weather conditions, David...

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