Wax or Ceramic Paintwork

The million dollar question JG Valeting gets asked is, how often should I have my car paintwork waxed?

Wax or ceramic paintwork services

Regularly waxing of your paintwork is essential to help preserve the clear coat over a vehicle's paint. The clear coat is the layer that protects the paint from the elements, ie: snow, rain, salt, UV, bird droppings, and tree sap, along with other contaminants. The clear coat is also what gives a vehicle its deep shine and, with incorrect washing, causes the swirls to appear. 
Without protection, the clear coat will wear away over time, the paint becomes susceptible to fading, and eventually, the clear coat may peel and allow the metal body to rust. In other words, applying wax /ceramic is a necessity to keep the exterior in the best possible condition and hold onto the vehicle's resale value.
There is no exact answer to how often waxing is required as every customer has their own option. We feel in most cases, 2-3 times a year is enough. Vehicles that are kept inside a garage with a climate-controlled waxing is required less frequently. Wax is required more often to vehicles parked on a driveway or street, especially when exposed to the long Winter months or the Summer sun. 
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Alternatively, JG Valeting can add a Si02 ceramic spray coating that will last for 8-12 months, depending on the weather conditions. It creates a hydrophobic high gloss slick finish, which adds a deep long-lasting shine to the vehicle's paintwork.
JG Valeting will prepare your vehicle correctly with multi-stage safety washes and fully panel prep before any wax/ceramic is added to your vehicle. If the paintwork is contaminated, we may suggest a Clay Bar Treatment before the wax/ceramic is added.
We are also happy to advise accordingly if machine polishing to remove swirls, light scratches or the clay bar is required with any additional costs before the valet takes place. 

Clay bar treatment from £30.00 (optional if required)
Machine Polishing from £30.00 per hour (optional if required)
Quality Swiss Wax from £30.00
Ceramic Si02 Sealant from £50.00
Matrix Ceramic from £400.00
Gardx Ceramic from £400.00

Please note: Before a wax / ceramic treatment can be booked, a minimum of a JG Maintenance Valet must be carried out first to fully prepare your vehicle. The wax & ceramic treatments are additional to the valeting costs.

A Few Examples Of Recent Wax and Ceramic Paintwork

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