How To Remove Bird Droppings Safely From Your Paintwork

How to safely remove bird droppings (bird lime)

We have all parked on the driveway, the side of the road, under a tree, a day at the seaside or parked up whilst away on a holiday campsite with large seagulls flying overhead. The last thing we are worried about is bird droppings, excrement, poo-poo, faeces—whatever you call it. The same can be said about specific types of tree sap falling onto the paintwork.

In the valeting and detailing industry, we call it bird lime for the following reason. Bird lime is one of the most common causes of exterior paintwork damage.
Bird lime has a pH 3-5 and high in uric acid, this is corrosive and can quickly damage the exterior. If left to dry the bird lime will continue to degrade the clear coat and possibly the paint underneath which can work out a very expensive repair all from a little bird poop.
Over the years we have visited a number of customers where the bird lime has etched through all of the exterior layers straight through to the base metal.

So next time you find a bird dropping on your paintwork, please remove it immediately before it etches into your paintwork. Most damage is caused within the first 48 hours.
DO NOT try and wipe away; please follow the below directions.

Soak a cloth with clean water

Soak a microfibre cloth with clean water and place it over the affected area for 10 minutes allowing it to soak, once fully soaked, gently remove the droppings, DO NOT scrub, if the bird lime is stubborn, please repeat this process to safely and fully remove.

Don’t delay get help from a professional valeting company

If you should return to your car and it looks like the Dam-busters have dropped their bombs over the paintwork, help is at hand contact JG Valeting & Detailing. We will carry out a professional wash, clay bar and machine polish with cutting compound to remove the damage. Please remember to contact us straight away, any delay may cause serious damage that may require a smart repair or a re-spray.

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The vehicle has come through a harsh wet winter, and we are here to refresh your vehicle to remove the damp muddy feet marks and any other debris that have been collected over the winter months and prepare for the busy Summer. At this time, you need to protect your vehicle from tree sap, bugs, bird droppings and UV light.