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We have a wealth of experience over many years valeting and detailing customer vehicles, offering a wide range of services from car sanitisation to spilt paint removal. Each customer may have their own unique issues but we are here to help resolve most problems.

JG Valeting puts the customer first and believe they know their own budget and what they ultimately require for their vehicle. This is why we have given our customers the option to add additional services whilst the vehicle is being valeted from one of our selected packages. Please note the optional services are in addition to our standard valeting charges.

Please get in touch if you require any further information about any of our additional services.

Soiled or Stained Seats

We can remove most stains/marks from car seats just with our deep cleaning process.
Please note: Some stains will be impossible to remove especially if from general wear and tear or if the stain has already permanently damaged the leather/fabric.
from £50.00

Pet or Cigarette Odour Removed

Cigarette smoke, pets, fast food, fire, sour milk and body fluids, mould and damp, and rodent odours are some of the most potent and hazardous substances that could be left inside your car, causing an unpleasant odour. Not only can they smell terrible, they can also contain dangerous viruses/bacteria substances for anyone entering the vehicle.
This treatment eliminates vehicle odours within 8 hours. It is suitable for both fabric and leather vehicle interiors. 
See More About Our Interior Odours Service Here

from £150.00

Accidental Spillage Inside Your Vehicle

Each spillage inside a vehicle has to be approached differently, please get in contact straight away and do no delay in calling. We are happy to look at photographs or stop by to review the damage and prepare an estimate before the works are commenced.
99% of spillage appointments are classed as an emergency and we try and get you the next available appointment.
Please enquire about a cost

Interior Bio Fogging

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have all become aware of the ease with which viruses/bacteria can quickly spread. This is why we are now offering our vehicle sanitisation option as either a standalone service or an add-on to one of our set valeting services.
See More About Our Interior Bio Fogging Service Here
from £45.00

Sanitisation Of Your Vehicle

The Virus & Bacteria Eliminator kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a single treatment. It is suitable for both fabric and leather vehicle interiors. We do require 8 hours to complete this treatment and the vehicle must remain locked at all times whilst we carry out this treatment.
See More About Our Vehicle Sanitisation Service Here
from £70.00

Removal Of Excess Pet Hair

When you have a pet a light amount of hair is acceptable during a valet, but for excessive pet hair removal, we do make an additional charge due to the additional time required to remove.
from £20.00

Snow Foam Pre-Wash Before External Valet

Leather Seats Cleaned & Protected

We offer a choice of quality brand products that will protect your leather seats from general wear and tear, keeping leather looking 'like new' for much longer. New leather typically only requires regular cleaning to maintain its appearance and to keep the leather supple to avoid cracking. However, over time it can become faded, discoloured and worn.
See More About Our Interior Leather Protection Service Here
from £50.00

Interior Seat Material Protected

We offer a choice of quality brand products that will coat each and every strand of your vehicle's material upholstery multiple times to create a barrier around the fabric. Fabric seats, mats and carpets can quickly become soiled by accidental spillages, which cause unsightly staining.
See More About Our Interior Material Protection Service Here
from £100.00

Material Car Seats Shampooed Cleaned

from £30.00

Window Glass Guard

from £60.00

Glass Polishing Light Scratch Removal

from £60.00

Windscreen Wash Top Up

from £5.00

Exterior Plastic Trim Dressed

from £10.00

Exterior Pillar Polishing

from £30.00

Seatbelt Cleaning

from £60.00

Clay Bar Treatment

A Clay bar or Claying treatment removes most contaminants from the vehicle's paintwork surface, like tree sap, tar and iron if these are not removed, it will leave your vehicle feeling rough to touch, like sandpaper or small raised particles within the paintwork.
See more about our Clar Bar Treatment Service here
from £30.00

Clean Cabriolet Material Soft Tops

This treatment will remove unwanted algae, moss, mould, dirt and other vegetation. Once the soft top has been cleaned, we also recommend protecting it with a water-repellent designed to protect and preserve the roof fabric.
This cabriolet clean must also accompany another valeting service, the final cost depends on your vehicle's roof size and overall condition.
See More About Our Convertible Soft Top Cleaning Service Here
from £50.00

Cabriolet Soft Top Re-proofer

This must accompany a cabriolet rooftop clean & valeting service, the cost depends on your vehicle roof size; it is also weather permitting as the roof needs to be absolutely 100% dry before this treatment can be carried out.
See More About Our Cabriolet Soft Top Re-Proofer Service Here
from £50.00

Cabriolet Soft Top Re-Colour

If your material soft top roof has faded over the years in the sun, we can restore the fabric soft top back to the original factory colour. Available in the following colours. Black, Blue, Brown, Green and Red.
See More About Our Cabriolet Soft Top Re-Colour Service Here
from £100.00

Machine Polishing & Paint Correction

A multistage process using different grades of polish is used, correction is the process of removing fine surface swirl scratches and small imperfections from the vehicle exterior paintwork. Once machine polished and the vehicle is viewed in natural daylight you will see a true reflection with no swirl, blemishes or scratches visible. Most damage happens when the vehicle has been washed incorrectly, sun UV damage, roadside branch/hedge scratches and other contaminants sitting on the paintwork.
Please note: Before machine polishing is undertaken a minimum of a JG wash is required and clay bar to remove any loose dirt, contaminations and fine debris.
from £300.00

Light Scratch & Paint Transfer Removal From Exterior Painwork

Subject to the sight of the vehicle, not all paintwork damage marks can be removed by machine polishing, and in some cases, you may need the services of a body shop or smart repair.
Please note: Before this work can start, a minimum of a JG vehicle wash is required to remove loose dirt, contaminations and fine debris. We are always happy to advise all customers.
from £30.00 per hour

Waxing Exterior Paintwork

We fully prepare your vehicle before any wax is added. Wax not only gives your car an appealing look and feel most importantly, it adds an extra layer of protection against harsh weather, tree sap, bird lime, salt, ultraviolet rays and pollution found in the air and on the roads.
Please note: Before this work can be booked, a minimum of a JG vehicle wash is required to remove any loose dirt, contaminations and fine debris. Some customers also request the Clay Bar treatment before the wax is added to the paintwork.
from £30.00

Window Ceramic Coating

from £60.00

Resoration of Headlights

Deep Wheel Clean

During most valeting packages it is only the outer face of the wheels that are deep cleaned if you require additional cleaning to the wheel hub to remove extreme brake dust build-up or behind-the-wheel spokes.
from £30.00

Exhaust Tip Cleaned and Polished

Exhaust overtime will be covered in black carbon. By cleaning your exhaust tips you can bring them back to that lovely new standard once again.
Please note: Not all exhaust tips can be polished.
from £30.00

Chewing Gum Removal

from £10.00

Internal Sticker Removal

from £10.00

Tyre Dressing

from £10.00

Vinyl Graphic Sticker Removal

We offer a wide range of valeting or detailing services; if there is a service you require that is not advertised on our website, please get in contact today and enquire to see if we can help.

Thank you.

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