Why have your vehicle professionally valeted?

Caring for your car can feel like a luxury – and it absolutely is! There’s no question that having a clean, fresh-smelling car can make you feel great. However, we see regular valeting as much more than just an indulgence; it’s good sense!

Valeting helps promote the longevity of your vehicle, preserving its value. By valeting frequently you reduce the risks of rust and corrosion from salt on winter roads or acid rain damage to paintwork which can occur over time. In short, it’s an investment in your car – one with measurable benefits.

A thorough interior clean is essential for keeping your car looking and smelling fresh, preventing any lingering odours from bacterial growth due to food and drink spillage.

When it comes time to sell your vehicle, a professional valet will make all the difference. A gleaming exterior and inviting interior can attract buyers and boost sale price – after all, the service history may be impressive but how it looks on the inside is just as important.

Likewise if you’ve recently acquired a second hand car, a deep valet can give peace of mind that it has been properly attended to and freshened up; remove any pesky stains or marks, and even eradicate any unwanted smells!

Having a vehicle for your business is more than just getting from A to B, it’s conveying confidence and pride in what you do. Your car or van says a lot about you, make sure that your message is one of professionalism with an immaculate look.

There may be special occasions where the details matter most; like a wedding, weekend getaway or corporate event. Showing up in an impeccably clean car creates an impression of relaxed elegance that allows you to enjoy the moment without worry.

Maybe you want to surprise someone special? Make sure they’re left breathless with a stunningly presented vehicle that speaks volumes about how much thought has been put into making them feel cherished and appreciated.

That’s why we are here. We take care of it for you.

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David Groves

We can definitely feel Spring is on the way with much milder mornings. Winter really hasn't really shown its face apart from the recent cold spell when the water onboard froze and the snow stopped us from working for a few days. Spring is much needed, now we can see the outside world waking up, especially when driving along the country lanes and the sun is out.

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Have you booked your Spring valet?

The vehicle has come through a harsh wet winter, and we are here to refresh your vehicle to remove the damp muddy feet marks and any other debris that have been collected over the winter months and prepare for the busy Summer. At this time, you need to protect your vehicle from tree sap, bugs, bird droppings and UV light.